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Half Persian Weaves: Balanced, Unbalanced, and Sheet Expansions
Inverted Round-based Weave Progressions & Variants
Half Persian 2 Sheeet 4 in 1 AR Comparison
AR Capabilities By Number
Kinged Weaves
Reinforced Weaves
Japanese Weaves: Minimum AR Considerations
Japanese Weaves: Maintaining AR Density With Wire Diameter Adjustments

Weave Tutorial

Three Quarters Persian and Four Quarters Persian
Three Quarters Persian Sheet 6 in 1
Shippo Tsunagi (JDS4)
King's Dragonscale
European 4 in 1
Hourglass Unit
Oriental Scale
Celtic Visions
Acute Mandala
European 10 in 1
Inverted Oriental Scale
European 4 in 1: 45 Degree Seam
Staggered Captive Inverted Round Sheet


Basic European 6 in 1 / Japanese 12 in 2 Basket Pattern
European 4 in 1: Armpit Seam
Basic European 4 in 1 Vest
European 4 in 1 Pouch


Advanced Maille Basketry
Graduation / Graduated Maille
The Making of Basket 20: Arabian Nights
Houses of the Holey: Frame Construction


Chainmail Construction (overview)
Advanced Power Winding
Modified Aviation Snips


Calculating Rings Per Coverage
Ring Information Collection and Classification