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M.A.I.L. Weave Library
Tome of Weaves


Chainmail 101
Butted Mail: A Mailmaker's Guide


The Ring Lord (Canada)
Metal Designz (Canada)
Spider Chain Jewelry (USA)
West Coast Chainmail (USA)


Irregular Grid Painter (IGP)
Dragon Enchained
Mailleworks Graphpaper


Basic European 6 in 1 / Japanese 12 in 2 Basket Pattern
The Making of Basket 20: Arabian Nights
Houses of the Holey: Frame Construction
Advanced Maille Basketry


Aspect Ratio (AR) (M.A.I.L.)
Chainmail Rings and Aspect Ratio (Chainmail 101)
Everything you've ever wanted to know about Aspect Ratios (Zlosk.com)

Weave/Theory Articles

Full Persian 6 in 1: Composition, Progression, Variants, Modifications, Sheet Expansions
Half Persian Weaves: Balanced, Unbalanced, and Sheet Expansions
Inverted Round-based Weave Progressions & Variants
Half Persian 2 Sheeet 4 in 1 AR Comparison
Japanese Weaves: Maintaining AR Density With Wire Diameter Adjustments
Japanese Weaves: Minimum AR Considerations
Graduation / Graduated Maille
AR Capabilities By Number
Reinforced Weaves
Kinged Weaves

Before They Were Weaves - An Introduction To Precursors (Chainmaillers.com)
Least Common Denominator (LCD) Weave Philosophy (M.A.I.L.)
System for Basic Study of Weaves (M.A.I.L.)

Moorish Rose - A geometric supplemental guide (M.A.I.L.)
Jens Pind Linkage (JPL3) AR Comparison (M.A.I.L.)
Jens Pind Linkage 5 (JPL5) AR Comparison (M.A.I.L.)

The Tesselation Theory of Japanese Weaves (M.A.I.L.)
Geometrical Principles in 2d Mailling: 101; Regular Tesselation (M.A.I.L.)
Calculations of Japanese 4 in 1 Cubes and its Derivatives (M.A.I.L.)
Hizashi Subfamily (M.A.I.L.)

Understanding the Persian Family (M.A.I.L.)
Half Persian 3 in 1: Right Leaning vs. Left Leaning (M.A.I.L.)
Closing the Gap Between European and Persian Families (M.A.I.L.)
Adding Half Persian Trim/European-Persian Ratios (M.A.I.L.)
Full Persian Variations (M.A.I.L.)


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