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Weave Compilation

Chainmaillers.com Maillepedia
M.A.I.L. Weave Library
Tome of Weaves


Chainmail 101
Butted Mail: A Mailmaker's Guide


Irregular Grid Painter (IGP)
Dragon Enchained
Mailleworks Graphpaper


Aspect Ratio (AR) (M.A.I.L.)
Chainmail Rings and Aspect Ratio (Chainmail 101)
Everything you've ever wanted to know about Aspect Ratios (Zlosk.com)


Before They Were Weaves - An Introduction To Precursors (Chainmaillers.com)
Least Common Denominator (LCD) Weave Philosophy (M.A.I.L.)
Weave Theory: Discussion, Terminology (M.A.I.L.)
System for Basic Study of Weaves (M.A.I.L.)
Definitions of Weave Terms (M.A.I.L.)

Moorish Rose - A geometric supplemental guide (M.A.I.L.)
Jens Pind Linkage (JPL3) AR Comparison (M.A.I.L.)
Jens Pind Linkage 5 (JPL5) AR Comparison (M.A.I.L.)

The Tesselation Theory of Japanese Weaves (M.A.I.L.)
Geometrical Principles in 2d Mailling: 101; Regular Tesselation (M.A.I.L.)
Calculations of Japanese 4 in 1 Cubes and its Derivatives (M.A.I.L.)
Hizashi Subfamily (M.A.I.L.)

Understanding the Persian Family (M.A.I.L.)
Half Persian 3 in 1: Right Leaning vs. Left Leaning (M.A.I.L.)
Closing the Gap Between European and Persian Families (M.A.I.L.)
Adding Half Persian Trim/European-Persian Ratios (M.A.I.L.)
Full Persian Variations (M.A.I.L.)


the Maille
The Chao Pasture
Rescyou on deviantART
Chainmaille by Matthew Johnston


The Ring Lord (Canada)
Metal Designz (Canada)
Spider Chain Jewelry (USA)
West Coast Chainmail (USA)